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NC500(D7150) DK7750 DX6080
Middle Speed EDM Cutting Machine ( FZH type)
1.Middle speed cabinet control system as standard.

2.Work pieces to 600mm thick.   

3.Taper angle up to ± 30°.

4.Accuracy: 0.01mm, even 0.005mm. 

5.Roughness: Ra 0.8~1.6 µm

6.Low consumption, material saving.  

7.Closed loop glass scales on all four axes for positional accuracy of 0.005mm.
8.Advanced CAD/CAM software with file transfer and translation capabilities.    
9.Control system with luxury cabinet. ( HL, HF, W-Cut, A-Cut) .

1.Enclosed cover for   protection. 
2.Taper cutting accessory. (± 15°, ± 30°.)
3.Linear rail

Model FZH7732 FZH7740 FZH7750 FZH7763
Working Table size  (mm) 520×1000 550×1100 700×1800 850×2100
Stroke(X/Y)(mm) 320×400 400×500 500×630 630×800
Max.cut thickness(mm) 320 320 400 400
Stroke(U/V)(mm) (Normal):24×24 (Large taper):D-60×60 E-130×130 T-240×240
Electrode diameter(mm) (Molydbenum wire) φ0.10~0.22
Electrode moving speed(mm/sec) 12,9,7,5,2
Max.cutting angle (Max.multi-cut):±1.50/50mm;
(Max.once-cut):±30 D-±100 E-±180 T-±300/50mm
Positioning accuracy(mm) multi-cut: 10×10×30 (Square)≤0.006 (One time-cut)≤0.012 (Multi-cut)(Octagon)≤0.009 (Strightness)≤0.006/50mm
Process roughness(Ra.um) (Multi-cut):Ra≤1.2(Micro-pulsepower Ra≤0.8) (One time-cut):Ra≤2.5
Driving motor Stepping motor or AC servo motor*(Optional)
Guide screw and track Precision ball screw/Linear motion guides
Tension system tension adjustable
Cooling Complex or water-dissovle special coolant/65L
Power supply AC3 φ -380v/2.5kva
Max.workpiece weight(kg) 450 600 1000 1200
Weight(kg) 1500 1700 2600 3000
Dimension(mm) 1200×1500×1850 1300×1600×1850 1800×1900×2000 2100×2100×2000
Remarks: Be reduce 100mm,due to targe taper device fixed. *-(Option); Linear scale(lum)
Remarks △ Model 630/800 is not ristricted on the item,even others with large taper.

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