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NC500(D7150) DK7750 DX6080
Gantry CNC Milling Machine
1.Extremely rigid and stable structure, the oversized column combined with box type beam construction features additional machine rigidity.

2.The slant beam construction with increased slide way surfaces efficiently upgrades force distribution area this results in greater stability.

3.The spindle head is located at the center of beam, providing high movement accuracy, superior heavy cutting capability and outstanding rigidity. The position is specially designed with symmetrical to center.

4.Equipped with spindle motor ball screw and double counter-balance cylinders are all properly located at the best positions to avoid unequal torque, while assuring the best structural accuracy.

5.The double counter – balancing cylinders on Z-axis are suspension supported, close to the movement gravity center, symmetrical to the spindle drive ball screw and the center of spindle motor. Optional position design not only fully eliminates the possibility of unequal torque, but also provides high feeding accuracy and machining accuracy.

6.Linear ways on X/Y-axis combined with box ways on Z axis.

Two kind of Spindle as optional:

A.Short nose type ( for universal machining)

B.Long nose type ( for deep cavity machining)

Model FZ-SP1502 FZ-SP2202 FZ-SP2505 FZ-SP3208
Working Table size  (mm) 1200×2100 1800×2000 2300×5000 2500×8000
Stroke(X/Y/Z)(mm) 2000/1650/800 2200/2200/1000 5000/2700/1000 8200/3200/1250
Positioning Accuracy (mm) 0.026 0.026 0.03 0.035
Repeatability Accuracy(mm) 0.015 0.015 0.018 0.02
Distance between table and spinde 175-975 250-1250 280-1280 350-1600
T slot on the table 7-22×150 9-22×180 11-28×200 13-28×200
Max. speed of Spindle 6000 6000 6000 6000
Feeding speed 5-5000 5-5000 5-5000 5-5000
Fast moving speed ( X/Y) 15000 15000 15000 15000
Fast moving speed ( Z ) 10000 10000 10000 10000
Spindle Taper hole on main axle(model/size) BT50/190 BT50/120 BT50/190 BT50/200
Rail type XY(rail line)/Z(hard rail) XY(rail line)/Z(hard rail) XY(rail line)/Z(hard rail) XY(rail line)/Z(hard rail)
Type of drive Belt Belt Belt Belt
Max. load on table(kg) 3000 4000 15000 30000
Numerical control system FANUC/SIEMEN/MITSUBISHI
Main motor power(kw) 15/18.5 18.5/22 22/26 22/26
Torque of spindle 70 95 118 140
Torque of feeding motor 40/30/30 40/30/30(40) 70/40/40(40) 60/40/40
Weight(kg) 28000 33000 57000 98000
Dimension(mm) 7200×4800×4500 8000×5000×4500 12000×6200×4500 20000×6800×5000

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